The Squirrel Academy

The Squirrel Academy welcomes you to a culture of education, integration and participation, aiming to provide you with the best environment in which to develop your skills, unite with the group and fleet-up in defence of Providence.


  • Our Purpose: As proud members of the prestigious Provibloc coalition, our purpose is to defend Providence from invaders of its territories, whilst providing safe refuge for neutral pilots under our ‘Not Red Don’t Shoot’ (NRDS) rules of engagement
  • Nullsec Sovereignty in close proximity to highsec
  • Outstanding  Training Package providing guidance for beginners and intermediates
  • Active Community (EveWho tm) to support your learning
  • Ore Exchange and Loot bought at Jita Prices
  • PvP fleets several times a day
  • Mining Events seven days a week
  • Ship Replacement Programs
  • Omega clones only

See our testimonials, code of conduct, corp mantra and killboard.

Apply here or in-game from The Squirrel Academy corporation information page.

Entry Requirements:

  • Omega clone
  • 2 Million Skill Points
  • Minmatar Cruiser Level 1
  • Gallente Cruiser Level 1
  • 6 weeks in-game experience
  • A positive ‘Fleet-up’ attitude (Everybody fights or flies logistics)
  • Working Headset


Continually adapting to change, we recruit pilots at any level who value community, opportunity and purpose. Whether you are seeking your first player corporation, anomoly and complex running friends, a safe place to mine, big fleet fights, vindicating ‘hot-drops’, or just a social group with whom to learn the game, you want you to enjoy being with us.

We provide you with easy access to everything you need and ensure your wallet remains full by offering to buy all of your loot and ore at Jita prices.

We offer the very best support to anomoly and complex runners, miners and industrialists at beginner and advanced levels. Our experienced leadership team is new-bro friendly and happy to help.

We recruit players of all age groups and time zones, and our training plan ensures you accomplish your personal goals, whilst also being able to fly our doctrines and fleet-up with your friends.