The N00b: 6.19.15 New Site, Oh…and Amarr’s Burning

Burn Amarr: Happening Right Now

In case you haven’t heard the news, stay away from Amarr.

Here’s an excellent reason why:

Just ignore the poor choice of background music.

New Corp Website. New Corp Forums. More Ways To Be Awesome.

In other news, thanks to the efforts of Pandarus Vyvorant and the cheers of Richard Branson, we now have a nifty new corp site here: It’s a joint site with The Council. Brilliant idea Branson.

Clearly under construction, but the key thing is to get yourself registered on the forums here.

We’ll hopefully be able to begin getting things set up on the forums so that you have a one-stop shop for all n00b-related needs. And a vacation thread so Sor’ia Tehuilochtil can post again about being the luckiest corpmember right now and heading to South America (o7).

Do yourself a favor and bookmark them now
Exploring Nullsec? Here’s what you need to know:

* Stay in Providence & The Catch
* You’ll be flying in pretty blind, so follow the laws of the land: Local & Cloak. Always.
* Train Covert Ops IV so you can get a Covert Ops Cloaking Device. As fellow n00bs may not know, it lets you warp cloaked.
* Expect to die, and trust no one unless they’re blue.
* Don’t go through strange rifts in sleeper cache data sites until you’ve watched this:

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– Skempo Dactyl (aka Erani Daern)

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