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Burn Amarr: Still Happening. Tons killed.

I don’t think I’ve said it enough, but don’t go to Amarr.

Want details on how Day 1 went? Go to EveNews24 and get the scoop.


Don't let this be you
Don’t let this be you

Why You Shouldn’t Mine Alone: 2 Podkills in 24 Hours

While The Council may currently be quiet, The Virgins sure aren’t! We’ve got a bit of a wardec issue happening right now, and I can assure you that they’re hunting solo Virgins down.

Here’re the quickest ways to get killed:

  • Mining alone
  • Mining alone
  • Mining alone

With over 100 million ISK lost in this war so far, we’re making it profitable for these guys to continue to kill us. So, in case you’re not quite understanding me — don’t mine alone.

The most common quote I’m hearing from our fellow mates getting killed are “one minute local was clear and the next, BAM”. In fact, I’ve heard that from every person who’s gotten ganked so far. Don’t let the next repeat of this phrase be you.

How you ought to mine:

  • Bring a buddy. Galara and Sor’ia are great folks to bring with you since they’re frothing at the mouth for PvP.  Branson’s another good choice if you can extricate him from the station.
  • Use a Clone — seriously, if you’re going to mine in hi-sec during a war…don’t have expensive implants
  • Ensure everyone in the war’s on your watchlist (set to terrible) and only mine when it’s clear.
  • Ensure you’ve got your travel-fit. Nanofiber and Warp Stabilizers are good things to have.
  • If you see red in local, run.
  • Read Khad’s Mining update for more information.




We’re Recruiting: Let’s Add More Virgins and Council

Did you know we’re recruiting? Richard Branson‘s been leading the charge for the Virgins and Robert DeNiro is leading the charge for The Council. Let’s do our part.

  • Keep an eye out for folks who are returning or new who look like they’d be a great fit.
  • Bump our recruitment thread. Or add some super awesome words.
  • Respond to threads from newbies and returnees and link them to our recruitment thread.

The more people know about us, the more interest we’ll generate. Of course, we’d also probably generate more wardecs, but hey — such is Eve.



Calling USTZ: We need YOU

Whether you’re in The Council or Virgins, it’s pretty obvious how sparse the place is during the evening hours in America and Canada. While great for solo exploring nullsec (seriously, I’m not kidding), it can get pretty lonely for Miners and whatnot. If you’re around, give a holler on the corp channels. If you’ve got friends looking to join a corp — bring them in (provided they meet the criteria)!

Suddenly, this turned into another recruitment article….


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