The N00b: Successes, Fails, and Everything in Between (6.28.15)

Helloooooooooooo fellow N00bs. Man, it’s been a week. This is why I told Panda I wanted this called The N00b, not the Daily N00b.


Don’t make me turn this ship around

When do YOU play? 

Come on folks. Batter up and post your play times here. 


You're just jealous.
You’re just jealous.

BREAKING NEWS: Richard Branson Left The Station

In a surprising turn of events last week, it took a Virgin lost in a wormhole to extricate Branson from his cushy Alentene station. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I knew he was in trouble when he said he hadn’t bookmarked the entrance and had no probes”


With that in mind, here are Branson’s n00b bullets on the topic:

  • If you go into a wormhole, bookmark the location you entered w-space from.
  • Expect to die
  • If you get lost, go on corp chat and yell for Richard Branson





Russian Breaks Through R3 Gate Camp While Fellow Corp Members Troll On

In an attempt to show his Canadian Russian badassness, Galara Hakari thought he’d be a badass mother fucker by playing Russian Roulette while trying to enter Providence through Misaba. Listen to the entire recording, split with music by Branson:



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