The N00b: Just Another Day in Providence (6.29.15)

Dont mind me. Im just strutting.

Fleet Ops: A N00bs Thoughts

So I’ve spent the better part of a week partaking in fleet operations within the Providence bloc. After today’s participation in ‘lets get our territory back from those NC bastards’ with about 300 of my fellow fleeties (Read the backstory about why) , here are my thoughts as a n00b:

  • Comms is important. Make sure you’re in the right room on Mumble because chances are, the fleet commander isn’t going to be broadcasting shit
  • Mute yourself unless you’ve got something of importance to say. Which if you’re a n00b, means you have nothing to say
  • All the great fleets for USTZ folks happen at around 17-20:00 Eve Time, or for us west coast folks…early afternoon
  • There is at least one other confirmed female flying around Providence #equalityforall
  • Be polite and ask what fits they’re looking for — chances are you aren’t even capable of flying what they’re looking for…but thats okay! I throw down my n00b card and tell them I’ve only got a [insert frigate here]. If it’s a 250 person fleet, they’ll tell you which alternative fleet to join.If they’re in need of people, they’ll take you anyway and you’ll look like this:
Guess which one the n00b is!
Guess which one the n00b is!
  • There’s this place called ‘Zkillboard’ where everyone gets to see what you’ve been up to. When I went to see how I did…well click here. Count 5 and 7 from the bottom and you’ll see my beautiful mug, as well as another corp-member. #councilrepping

So join up folks. It’s not at scary as it seems. Just laggy.


PSA: Council is Recruiting Advert

In case you haven’t seen in either the Virgins or The Council lately, we’re in the middle of recruiting fresh meat. I recently came across an advert in-game for Council recruiting and couldn’t help but notice this incredibly important gem:

Friendly Fire: Legal

With that in mind, please test the legality of friendly fire at Robert Deniro.


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