The N00b: PvE Fleets and What Not To Do (7.1.15)

C6 CEO Takes Corp On Stroll of Nullsec Rat Sites. 


Expect more of these rat fleets to come about as people are online. Whether it’s just two of you or a whole crew, they’re fun AND the tax on bounties provide a nice chunk of change to the corp — whether you’re in Virgins or Council. You can also take a flimsy frigate that wasn’t designed for ratting provided you’ve got a crew of awesome folk ready to save your ass when the Sansha’s all target you.

Do your part.

Don’t Auto-Target Reds.

I’m the cat.

During a Council ratting expedition, a red showed up in system. In fear of a possible hot drop, CEO Fishweasel took the fleet to a safe spot to hide out and wait for the potential threat to disappear. Unfortunately the safe spot was compromised and the red showed up in the location of the fleet.

In a mad attempt at balls-to-the-wall bravery, Erani Daern began targeting the 200+km hostile. Ultimately, this put the fear of god into the hostile and he disappeared from the system soon after.

On the surface, this may have seemed perfectly all right. There were five in the fleet…plenty to take on a measly red. Here’s why it wasn’t:

  • Erani was in a paper-thin stealth bomber — Manticore and was planning to engage with light missiles and a T1 fit.
  • The red was a Tengu. Please refer to the gif above for a visual on what that looks like.
  • Everyone else was set up for long-range artillery…minus a few.
  • The Tengu was in warp-distance to the long-range pilots, and had he warped into them, they would have been sitting ducks.

Sure, it turned out all right…but it also could have turned out disastrous. So just do what any n00b ought to do. Just fucking run.

Oh Shit, Reds In System. A couple of tricks.

This cat is a badass mother fucker.


So you’re in a system, minding your own business when BAM, reds pop up. What do you do? Here’s some things as a n00b you ought to expect:

  • They’re coming after you
  • They’re going to find you
  • They will kill you

However, all is not lost. While the above is what you should expect, it isn’t what may actually happen if you have a couple of tricks, and a ton of luck.

  • If you’ve got a cloak, use it and hide until they’re gone. Even if it means hours 🙁
  • If you jumped into a system and they’re right in front of you, you’ve got a small amount of time before the cloak drops…use it to your advantage! Don’t automatically try to warp out. Give it a few seconds…or right before it DOES drop, and THEN warp to some random location and GTFO
  • Another great trick is the moment you align for the warp turn on your cov-ops cloak and get that cloak on you before they can finish targeting you down.
  • If you plan to break through a gate camp, warp to 0m and in the middle of warp make sure you’ve got the gate highlighted in your overview…PRESS D. It’ll set you into an auto-jump the moment you land at the gate. This trick also works with docking at stations.

You should expect that they’ll give chase. In fact, fellow corp members Akri and Mrando can attest to Erani’s  all caps ‘Oh shit’ rant in corp channel as a gang of reds were chasing her through the Catch just two days ago.

C6 PSA: F-DTOO Safe Spot Compromised


Title says it all. New safe spot corp bookmark to be determined.


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