The N00bs: Payback’s A Bitch (7.3.15)

War in the Evictus Alliance: Excellent

Party like its June 2015
Party like its June 2015

In a stroke of good-fortune for the Evictus Alliance, Just Another Wardec declared war on the Evictus Alliance — which means The Council. Does that corp ring a bell? It sure does for the Virgin PLC! As fellow virgins may fondly remember, Just Another Wardec were the assholes who decided to decided to declare war in hi-sec. We lost many a solo miner to those bastards, but on the plus side, virgins now know how to fight and survive. Many have now moved on to live in nullsec.

What makes this especially exciting is the fact that the corp of 14 gate-camping, griefing, trolling, miner-ganking fucktards didn’t declare war on hi-sec n00b corporations. Oh no. They declared war on a null-sec, blood-thirsty, highly experienced 1000-man alliance full of folks who have nothing better to do than to find an excuse to kill lame-ass mother fuckers in hi-sec.

Who’s with me in gleefully roaming hi-sec when these guys are online? War begins July 4th at 16:00 EVE time.

oV Erani Daern

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