The N00b: Virgin’s POS Cherry Popped, Goons coming…?

Virgins have their first POS: (And no, I don’t mean a piece of shit)


In a stroke of brilliancy, a recently-produced Serpentis Control Tower was erected into a POS (player-owned starbase) in the Adallier system for the Virgin PLC. Expect to see more exciting things develop regarding this as time goes on — probably from Richard Branson.

What’s a POS you may ask? Well, I can tell you what it isn’t. It’s NOT a piece of shit, even though every time I see the words “POS” in chat, I assume someone’s being called a piece of shit. Honestly, I barely understand them myself. So I’m just going to link an in-depth explanation of it here.

If you want to know how to find the POS as a Virgin corpmate, please refer to the email sent by Gnimral which gives a detailed step-by-step explanation on what to click to get to where you need to know.

For everyone else, just note that name of the Virgin’s POS is Mother Superior’s Convent.


Goons coming to Providence? Status unknown.


Many have heard rumors of Goonswarms entering Providence now that the new patch is out. I personally have seen none, but I have noticed a significant uptick in deaths reported across the entire region.

With this in mind, please keep the following n00b tips handy:

  • Don’t transfer any ships into Providence for the next week. Just see how shit shakes out
  • Don’t solo fly really expensive ships in lowsec or nullsec. Wait, that’s not just for now — that’s for every day ever.
  • Keep your eyes on The Citadel channel.
  • Report the reds to The Citadel channel.
  • Don’t fly anything you’re not seriously willing to lose, now more than ever.


What to add to The N00b? Ping me.


Erani Daern – C6 Officer of Good Times/ Gnimral – Mother Superior



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