The N00b: The Bounty Edition

Council Members Get Drunk, End Up With Bounties


I’ve written about getting drunk and playing Eve before. It really doesn’t mix well because you make decisions that are terrible. Here’s a great story of one:

Robert Deniro was doing his deed as the recruitment officer of The Council by running around Providence spamming recruitment ads. While receiving the normal “FUCK YOU” responses from folks, a bounty was placed on him for 666,666 isk. At this time, several members of the Council were drunk and on teamspeak, and commented on the fact that they would like bounties. The following then took place:

  • Omjun Hekard placed a 5,000,000 isk bounty on Erani Daern
  • Mrando placed an accidental 666,666,666 isk bounty on Omjun Hekard (one extra six)
  • Erani Daern placed a 66,666,666 isk bounty on Omjun Hekard in retaliation for the 5,000,000 bounty placed on her

With that in mind, Omjun Hekard is now the proud winner of the “C6 Highest Bounty” Award for a grand total of 733M isk. Please note that since the bounties were place, Omjun’s bounty is now down to 731M isk due to a death in lowsec.

When asked how he felt about having such a large bounty on his head, Omjun shouted, “COME AT ME, BRO”.

What’s the learning point to this tale? Don’t drink and place bounties on each other.


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