The N00b: We’ve Got a Badass Up In Here (7.13.15)

Gold Ribbon Medal Awarded to Akri Momaki: For Being An All-Around Badass


Akri Momaki basically earned the title ‘Badass Mother Fucker of C6’ by being awarded a Gold Ribbon medal.

For those of you who don’t know Akri , get your asses online and meet him. He’s a badass. Virgins may ask, “But why is he a badass?”. GREAT question. Akri’s a badass mother fucker because he singlehandedly got the Council to the top of the Evictus Alliance killboards last week.

A few may ask “Why’s that a big deal”. Why isn’t it a big deal? This is Eve motha fuckas! It’s all ABOUT the killin’ yo. Oddly, for a badass red-killing motha fucka, Akri’s the nicest guy you’ll find that also gleefully kills reds. If you ever…EVER need tips on how to kill other pilots, he’s your man. It’s also significant because the more active we are, the more cred we get. The more cred we get, the more influence we have in the Alliance. Always nice to have cred.

There hasn’t been many awards given out in the entire history of The Council (which has been around since…what 2004? That’s 11 year folks), so seriously awards are legit shit.

If you see him, give him a fist bump and a hi-five!


Add to The N00b! Ping Erani Daern or Gnimral!



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