The N00b: Drama Llama, New Program, And More (7.24.15)

So you haven’t seen a N00b in awhile. Blame it on me being busy, blame it on the fact that Providence has been totally quiet. Blame it on peeps not wanting to contribute…but let’s catch up on all the juicy gossip amongst other things.



Virgin CEO and friends develop new Capital Ship Building Program

virgin shirt

There was once a time not long ago when the Virgins were merely a group of high-sec n00bs with a purpose purely focused on figuring out how the game worked. That time has passed! Sure, new Virgins can come in and be total n00bs (I am), but with the acquisition of new members over the past two months, things have become more ‘legit’.

You might wonder what could possibly be so legit about the Virgins. After all, they’re virgins. Sure they have a badass POS called Mother Superior’s Convent, and yea they’ve got a rich CEO who enjoys travelling through systems in his super expensive yacht…but there’s all sorts of fun things these guys have started getting their hands on:

  • There’s a weekly mining op — Ask Branson for details.
  • There are TONS of hi-sec miners
  • There are a bunch of industrialists, researchers, etc.

So what’s to do with all these badass motherfuckers who basically make the systems go round? Build. Capital. Ships. Because only the biggest, baddest mother fuckers build capital ships.

For my fellow n00bs that wonder what capital ships are — here’s a list of what they are.

Want to know more about this amazing program? Go dig through your Eve mail and find Branson’s (second, not first) mail on the program. There’s crazy details and everyone can play a part in this.


Imperium Technologies Peace Out of Evictus Alliance

queen bitch

Oh shit! Drama in Evictus! Last week IT left the Evictus Alliance to move onto their old stomping grounds in another nullsec region. Why’s this such a big deal and who the fuck cares? We in The Council do. Why? Because they’re our buds! Also, they were the main spearheaders of the ever-popular weekly slosh ops.

Why they opted to leave, no one knows, or they’re keeping their mouths shut. I personally blame aliens. What we do know is that there a few folks in the Council who actually hold fairly legit positions in that Corp. DUN DUN DUN.


Shit Got Real for another Alliance in Catch


So if you’re not reading Alliance mails, there’s an Alliance that sits in Catch space called     [-A-] which was once full of just a bunch of Russians (minus our favorite Russian, Galara Hakari). Apparently their main pvp corps were ‘kicked out’ of the alliance (oh shit!) and now no one knows who’s running shit up in there. Either way, get the deets from this eve24 article.


Mother Superior’s Convent Needs Fuel

fuel up no time

Oi Virgins. So because we tend to focus our attention on hi-sec mining/PIing, we’ll have to buy a lot of our fuel. Before QQing, just note the same shit happens on The Council. How can you do your part to support your most awesome corp?

  • Mine
  • Ratting — the corp collects taxes on your bounties…and that money can be used to buy fuel.
  • Donate 10% of whatever isk you make to the corp wallet. This is mostly for you explorers out there…when I explore and sell my load of goodies, I tend to drop 10% of whatever isk I made to the corporate wallet.


Want to add to The n00b? Ping Erani Daern or Gnimral.




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