The N00b: Virgin Pwnage and Destruction of Mother Superiors Convent (8.22.2015)



Grey Crown Shows Everyone Who’s Boss

In what could possibly be the most badass motherfucking thing a Virgin has ever done (at least in the last three months!), Grey Crown managed to own those bastards who had wardec’d the Virgin PLC in lowsec. Some may ask “Why Mother Superior, how could a Virgin possibly own the fuckers who sent a CORP WIDE email demanding ISK to stop the wardec?” Simple. He had em’ chasing him and so he jumped into a gate camp knowing he’d die…and so would the fucker chasing him.

Here’s the kicker: Sure, Grey would have lost a few million isk. And for most Virgins, that’s a lot of isk. But guess how much that little chasing shit fuck lost? Hundreds of millions of ISK. The pain. The pain. So my fellow n00bs, when stuck in a situation where you’re getting chased by asshats who are coming after you for being a solo pve-er in high sec, think of Grey Crown. Kamikaze your ass into a gate camp just to watch the mother fucker burn.






Mother Superior’s Convent Gets Taken Down: Branson Stays Until The End

So if you ever wonder if a POS can be taken down in high-sec, the answer is yes. With that, I am sad to announce that the great POS known as Mother Superior’s Convent — yes the same one that was erected last month in high-sec.

If you were in the POS, you could hear the booms. The walls were shaking! It was all very frightening”. Richard Branson recounts. “I could see that we were taking heavy hits, and after we dropped below 25% I couldn’t keep track of the POS’s status…so I escaped. They were everywhere, but I was able to sneak by while they were all focused on the POS.”

Fear not fellow Virgins. You may wonder what happens now. Well, due to the donations from several corpies, a new POS should be up and running by next week. This time however, instead of it being a convent, we should expect it to be called Mother Superior’s Fortress.


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