The N00b: It’s WAR (8.25.15)



We’re at War: Across the Board

Between the Virgins getting Wardec’d and Council mired in the Providence Goonswarm +2 other alliances testing Fozzy SOV, we’re in quite a bit of a pickle. Here’s what you need to know:


  • War’s war. Expect to die. You’ll be fine. Don’t solo. Anywhere.
  • If this is your first war, congratulations and welcome to eve. Enjoy it! Don’t be afraid.
  • Jump in on the n00b PVP fleets. Learn some PVP and enjoy yourself.

Did you notice how I kept repeating the part about enjoying yourself? It’s war. It’s no fun, but you know what, you gotta look at the bright side of things. The bright side is that you can get away with killing some fucking assfucks in high-sec and not get in trouble.


Where the fuck do I even start. Here’s the deal. Provi & Catch are burning. Expect all of the jumpbridges to be offline. All major thoroughfares are gatecamped and scouted. We have major supply bottlenecks for t1 and t2 ships due to the sheer amount of death. Here’s the bright side:

  • Prioritize Evictus fleets over CVA fleets. No excuses.
  • There’s always a fleet. Join up, enjoy yourself. Seriously — all the great FC’s are on big time right now and you’re likely to join a fleet that’s going to have 30+ during off-times. If you get a chance to join up during peak times, your fleet’s are in the 100’s.
  • Prepare for death, stock up. If you’re outta isk and out of ships, there are corp mates that can help out with ships. And if you’re in a fleet and run out of ships, folks are handing them out like candy because War is War. You do your part.
  • There are major supply issues with t1 and t2s. CVAs are trying to get haulers in as best as they can, but it requires serious fleets because the goons swarm the moment they see a hauler on radar. Log in, check for contracts. Buy em up. I’m personally finding it easier to just buy contracts with pre-fitted doctrine ships than buying and fitting them myself. Contracts are *typically* at market rates
  • Now is not the time to explore. You’re going to get ganked. Opt to join a fleet instead and get your guns into the action. Let’s get Council on some serious killboards.
  • If you’re able to fly Logi, assume a fleet’s going to want you. If you know how to fly a Logi, stock up on Logis. Seriously. I’m not even joking. Everyone’s been crying for Logis left and right. You’ll be the most popular dude in the station if you’re flying logi.
  • If you have absolutely nothing, I’m sure they’ll accept the Ibis as a last resort (no they won’t).



Spy Infiltrates Virgin Intel Channel: CEO Richard Branson To Blame

It’s not a normal Eve day in the Virgins without someone n00bing it up. This time it was Richard Branson having the Virgin’s Intel channel set to ‘open’ so that anyone can join. Of course, enemy corporations figured this out and joined the channel, gaining access to information such as unknown corp members. The intel channel is now invite-only, but Richard Branson still deserves major trolling for his fail.


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