The N00b: War Continues (8.27.15)

Goonswarms in Providence & Catch Not Going So Well Due To Stellar Defense


Well folks, what do you expect when you walk into the only true independent territory in nullsec and try to take their bases? In an attempt to try out the new sovereignty,  enemy forces have been roaming around Providence and Catch, trying to capture stations and take control of systems.

The fighting has been rough. Key staging locations have dwindled supplies, and traveling between systems is dangerous business. What’s been truly interesting however, is that TheMittani (evil prick leading this whole expedition for the assfucks) had expected to take over Providence in 3 days. Well it’s been three days, and let me tell you — they’re not even close. Word has it that they’re reconsidering their offensive because we don’t stop fighting.

Honestly, serious kudos to everyone who’s been involved in the war. We’ve lost an endless amount of ships, millions and millions of our own personal isk, the moment we log in we’re in fleet and preparing to fight, we’re entosising nodes to ensure we keep control…it’s pretty damn good.

Evictus has for the most part been able to maintain control of our systems. The alliance has been resilient in ensuring that we keep our sovereignty. Whether this ends in the next day (as is rumored) or continues through the weekend, The Council is prepped and ready to keep fighting.


During War, Everyone’s a PVP Pilot: Even a N00b

All right, time to brag about killboards. Here’s where we’re at:


It's ok folks, we're a n00b corp.
It’s ok folks, we’re a n00b corp.

Last six days we’ve successfully taken out five ships. We’ve lost 16, and a couple of pods. I’ll take it.  Winner of the most kills this week goes out to Grey Crown followed by Vol Hasse, Match, and Brynjard.

The Council: 

I can’t even post a screenshot of the killboards. it’s just that ridiculous. Let’s just pop the stats in the old fashion way – typing: (Keep in mind, this has only been the last few days)

TOTAL KILLS: 159 ships


I got lazy, here’s the breakdown by character:

council 8.27.15

Look at that. FREAKING BUFFER (AKA THE COUSIN OF RICHARD BRANSON) is currently leading with 41 kills, followed very closely by Galara.

I can’t even. On another note, I’m proud to announce that Erani Daern took out her first two pods EVER. Mother Superior in action. Here’s to hoping we break 200 by the end of the weekend 🙂


Want to watch a nullsec fight in action? Watch this.

Taken by a CVA member, this was a fight that occurred just a jump away from the Misaba gate. Erani Daern, Galara Hakari, and Omjun Hekard took part. We were completely outnumbered…but man…just watch.

On the plus side, for Virgins who want to know what nullsec fleets are like, listen to it and just kindly ignore the horrible music. Fleet Commander was Rollo Burningsky, C6’s favorite FC (because we can understand him).



Want to add to the N00b? Ping Erani Daern or Gnimral.


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