The N00b 4.18.16: Shit Happens

Nublet Uses New Overview: Gets Hot Dropped and Doesn’t Even Know It


USTZ has become a hot time for hot-dropping reds in 7md lately. Wonder what’s been going on? In any case,¬†Sunday evening’s ratting expedition lead to a serious of unfortunate failures which need to be published for learning purposes (and a chance to laugh).

We all know what to do when we see an enemy in system. Right? We fly to safe. It’s always the same deal. Whether it’s the POS or just a random spot in the solar system, you know where you scatter when you see a red in system and you’re not in a PvP-ready ship (unless you’re Hroovitnir, in which case fuck it, doesn’t matter you’re engaging anyway).

It was a quiet Sunday evening of ratting for standard USTZ crew online. Lazy sanctum runs, barely paying attention, watching TV, whatever it is folks do during these lulls. Erani Daern was on her way to join the ratting party made up of Hasus77 and ChristianBlood Blood which she recently fleeted up with. No TS, just focused on chat, figured nothign was wrong. Upon landing onto the site, noticing nothing wrong in her new-spangled Overview, she begins targeting and attacking the Sanshas in the area.

Next thing you know, she’s scrammed, webbed, and locked down for a painfully slow death by a fleet of about 20 reds who mysteriously appear!


Except she didn’t notice this. Instead of focusing on the screen, she kept her eyes on her overview. It was after they had gotten through her shields did she realize oh shit, it’s not Sansha shooting at her (I mean, they were, but that’s not the point), these were fucking eve pilots.

Here’s how Erani Daern failed:

  • Wasn’t on TeamSpeak! Easiest fucking way to get news instantly. Had she done so, she’d have heard ChristianBlood Blood screaming to get safe, and wouldn’t have warped to the guys in the first place.
  • Wasn’t KOS checking the neutral in system. There was a neutral. She assumed others had done it.
  • Didn’t remember her brand-new Overview had tabs — and that she was on the tab labelled “BLUE”…which means she never saw the MASSIVE FLEET DROP that fucked her over.
  • Had Fleet Channel Blink off — which means ChristianBlood Blood screaming on Fleet chat failed miserably.


Moral of the story: Learn how to use your Overview. And don’t be Erani Daern.

Additional fail nod goes to Hasus for his broken mic and then taking the subsequent silence to his questions as it ‘not being a big deal’.


Weekend Provi Police Fleet: Titans Unite!


Anyone who’s been in Virgins or Council long enough know that there’s a CVA Police fleet that shows up every so often that are a fucking blast. You run in comets or Kronos (comets are given free to pilots who can fly em!), fit them with police skins, and go blasting through Providence spamming local chat with various fun things such as “THIS IS A BUST” or “GET OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP”, or my favorite “MAN DOWN MAN DOWN”

Sometimes its a roam. Sometimes its a hot drop. Last weekend’s was a hotdrop. Unfortunately the reds also knew we’d formed up because there were no PvP fights to speak of. So this amazing group of police ships, sirens and all got to sit 2000km from a Titan (Erebus) just waiting to land into action.

What did we do with our spare time you ask? We watched an Avatar (Titan) and Erebus (Another titan) doomsday each other — something that even Eve vets don’t get to really ever see.

The Avatar still looks like it’s splooging.

Keep an eye out for these fleets! When they do come, even the chance to just look at the Titans up close and personal is enough to make you want to join up.

N00bs & Wormholes!


In other news, Aulorana¬†Equilisers managed to get popped by NPCs flying out of a wormhole he discovered in nulsec. Flying in his Helios, he had scanned down a wormhole and was going to make his way into it when all of a sudden — he no longer had a ship.

Turns out, those badboy Joves from inside W-Space DO LEAVE. 50km from the hole, he was shot down in mere seconds. How did that happen, you might ask? After all, he was in a Helios. I’ll tell you. It’s the number one rule of the N00b. The #1 thing I tell every N00b. He. Didn’t. Cloak.


Moral of the story? CLOAK.


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