The N00b 4.4.2016 War, DDOS, and other such tales

The Great War in the North Continues…


Can I just take a moment to say, hot damn, it’s still going? Personally, I’m thrilled. I’ve seen a couple of these potentially pop up in my short time at Eve, and let me say — they tend to fizzle out in a week. I’ve been bummed. This is not one of those short wars.

Here’s a take on how I can tell:

  • Eve posts a 1-day 10% Plex sale smack dab in the middle of this. And calls out that this ISN’T just for those fighting in the war.
  • Someone decided to DDOS the Eve servers during prime US play time Saturday 4/2. Fuckers. Not a common occurrence.

For the n00b in all of us, EveNews24 has been extensively covering the war here. I personally don’t have the mental capacity to deal keeping up with all the details.

On our own front, kudos to everyone for a fucking damn fine turnout in Providence fleets sneaking in and sucker punching those goon mother fuckers.


Heads up to nublets: fleets with regards to taking it to the Goons can be found here. They’re posted in game in P-Fleet. Note though — not a lot of late USTZ coverage so unless you’ve got the ability to join up with them East Coast folks, West Coast — you’re fucked. If you want a good fight, join in and for fucks sake, insure your fucking ship because you’re going to lose it.

Kudos to BufferBusyWaits & Jesus FacepalmĀ For Being PvP Badasses This Week!


With this war and the general uptick in fights we’ve been seeing in our area of the Catch as well as Providence, there’s been ample opportunity for folks who want to get some PvP action to join up and get some kills in. Most notably, I’m calling out two in particular who have managed to prop themselves up to the top (as of the writing of this post):

Virgin’s BufferBusyWaits managed to hit #3 in Evictus’s chart of Top PvPers. Richard Branson would be proud of your efforts.

The Council’s Jesus Facepalm has managed to rank #8 in Evictus’s Top PvPers — somehow eeking out 53 kills in between his busy schedule of preaching, prayer services, and general public nuisances.

For details, go here.

What’s even more fucking awesome? Virgins is #2 in the killboards overall on Evictus and The Council is #5. Why does it matter? Street Cred. More say in shit. Etc. etc. If you want an exhaustive explanation, go to Richard Branson.

For everyone else that’s participating, keep going! I may have called those two out, but there’s plenty of ships to kill and pods to blow up.

Eve Online Gets DDOS’d During USTZ Prime Hours


On Saturday 4/2, the server clusters that make up Tranquility went down due to a DDOS attack. Along with Tranquility, the Eve website also went down so folks couldn’t even bitch about it on the Forums.

For those of you who don’t know what a DDOS attack is — it’s essentially the internet’s version of a caveman bludgeoning a door with a club enough times that it knocks the door down. The real answer is that it’s essentially pings (by computers!) to the server…except the pings are so fast, and so many that it overwhelms the servers and brings them down. It’s the most common form of cyber attack that hits gaming sites. You see this happen on Steam on Christmas almost every year like clockwork.

There’s a more advanced explanation, but that’s the poor man’s version. Google it.

Servers were down for 2 hours and it left everyone wondering what to do with their saturday evenings. I for one, was really fucking pissed considering I was set up like this:


The Ultimate N00b Guide In Works By Shinzo

So our very own Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo has been hard at work creating a fantastic, detailed, and pretty much fucking fabulous guide to surviving Eve. He’s been releasing it piecemeal as he updates it — but for those of you who haven’t been able to check it out — click here!

It’s a complete 180 degree difference from this site. Also, it’s better written and significantly more newbie friendly.



Want to contribute to the N00b? Reach out to Erani Daern or Gnimral. Can’t promise I’ll get everything in, but I’ll take whatever I can get!



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