The N00b 5.4.16: Massacre & Destruction

Bloody Sunday: Weekly Social Turns Into Massacre

Anyone who checks their Evemail in the last month has noticed these mails from ChristianBlood Blood. Social Sunday! Ratting! Mining! Stuff! Awesomeness!

They’re amazing events. I wake up at 10am on Sundays just to join in on them. That’s a big deal folks. Mother Superior needs her beauty sleep. Needs her sleep. Otherwise I end up looking like:

Anyway, so I decided to step away from my computer after I had just been saved by Hroovitnir in a challenging Sansha site. Figured things were slow. ChristianBlood Blood was failing at bubbling (turns out he wasn’t a n00b though! Can’t tease him for it),  miners were mining, pvp squad were screaming for pilots to kill — it was a good lazy Sunday.

I come back 30 minutes later and all I see in local is Red. Red everywhere. So many reds, even though I was sitting my fat ass at the POS, I had to zoom out just to make sure. Jesus were there reds. Holy fuckballs.

While I was parked safe in the POS, not participating in defense like a good alliance member ought to, the Sunday Social squads were geared up and fighting. There was death. Lots of death. In fact, I didn’t even realize there was death — I was told to check the killboards. Yes, lots of death. But valiant, brave deaths.

Good job folks! We may have been slaughtered, but I bet folks had fun o7

The First Lowsec Citadel Goes Online: Gets Destroyed

Courtesy of Eve News 24

Oh the pitfalls of Eve.  Take this as an incredibly important learning folks!

Lowsec saw it’s first Citadel (A medium) go live. Within minutes of being online, a traitor within the alliance (and a director no less!) cyno’d in an enemy fleet and promptly destroyed the fledgling Citadel before it had the chance to get defensive modules online.

I personally took a number of learnings from this event, as should anyone who’s been keeping track of the Citadel update.

1) Assumption: People will want to steal your Citadel.

FALSE. They want to destroy it entirely.

2) Assumption: You can have your modules fitted and online when the Citadel goes up.

FALSE…? Someone correct me if my inference is wrong. Apparently not? This is fucking fantastic to know.

3) Get a fucking proper fleet and close down the fucking system until the Citadel is fully functional, defenses and all. And prepare for all out war.


Want to add to the N00b? Send anything to Erani Daern or Gnimral. oV



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