The N00b 10.9.2016: What A Predicament We’re In + Anniversary

Happy (Belated) Anniversary


It’s been way over a year, but hey — gotta say it since it’s been awhile since the last edition of the N00b. Happy one year (and 3-ish month) anniversary to the Virgins Plc. It’s gone from being a scraggly ragtag high-sec fledgling corp to a robust null-sec monster.

VOLT is Red – Wow

We’re up shit creek and on the frontlines.


I kid, I kid. We’re not up shit creek. But I bet that caught your attention. Well, well. After a decade of NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot), Volt decided to break away from it all and follow the standard nullsec protocol of shooting anything that wasn’t blue. Not a big issue right? Wrong.

Alongside that, they decided they were also going to reset standings with Providence. For us n00bs out there, one might ask “what’s the big deal with that?”. Let me tell you — it causes ‘issues’. When you reset standings, you essentially set everyone as neutral. In Providence, that’s not that big of a deal because we believe in ‘not red, don’t shoot’. When you suddenly break away from that…well you start to see the problem. It didn’t take long for VOLT to go from neutral to red.

What does that mean for Evictus? Well now we sit on the front lines! And what better spot to be than in G-A! As many may have noticed, there’s been a noticeable uptick in activity in the G-A region of Catch ever since VOLT went red. If you’re into PvP, now is the time to get at it. There’s near-constant activity — ripe for the picking.

If you’re not into PvP, be vigilant. Make sure local is always visible. I always like to make sure local sits outside of the standard channels, so that I can keep track of TheCitadel intel and local at the same time. Survival of the fittest. Be one of the fittest if you’re not into PvP. That goes especially to miners. G-A is a gnarly place to mine right now. Be vigilant. Keep aligned to the PoS and get the hell out of dodge when (new) reds are in the system.

Some wonder how long it’ll take before there’s a war. New evidence is starting to show that conversations are being had about a potential cease fire. Let the rumors run…but until we’re officially told otherwise, red is red and we shoot reds.

Member spotlight: Brynjard

Fast flying vigilante of G-A


Aside from his dashing good looks and quizzical brows, this handsome devil’s been shooting it up against VOLT this past weekend. An anonymous source close to Brynjard spoke to The N00b on the matter in depth, “It’s been two days since VOLT has become red, and he’s been tearing it up in VOLT space! In just 3 hours, Bryn has racked up 10 kills (plus 2 pods)…8 of the 10 were solo!!!”.

Counting his kills since Friday, there have been a total of 18 kills from Brynjard alone. That doesn’t include the countless other kills that Brynjard has participated in. His personal quest to single-handedly annoy the bejeezus out of VOLT continues on! Good job!



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