The N00b: Such is Eve (6.20.15)

  Burn Amarr: Still Happening. Tons killed. I don’t think I’ve said it enough, but don’t go to Amarr. Want details on how Day 1 went? Go to EveNews24 and get the scoop. —————————————————————————— Why You Shouldn’t Mine Alone: 2 Podkills in 24 Hours While The Council may currently be quiet, The Continue Reading

The N00b: 6.19.15 New Site, Oh…and Amarr’s Burning

Burn Amarr: Happening Right Now In case you haven’t heard the news, stay away from Amarr. Here’s an excellent reason why: Just ignore the poor choice of background music. ——————————————- New Corp Website. New Corp Forums. More Ways To Be Awesome. In other news, thanks to the efforts of Continue Reading