Squirrel Academy Mentorship Program

  • Background

Null Security (NullSec) space in Eve Online provides the greatest opportunities for capsuleers to experience all the game has to offer including challenging NPC combat sites, high-end exploration, top-tier mining, exciting PVP encounters and some of the most productive planets for planetary interaction. 

As one of the great regions of NullSec, Providence has a storied history in Eve Online and we all have a unique opportunity to help shape its future. The transition to Providence can be a tough one for those unfamiliar with the dangers of NullSec. Even experienced capsuleers may find it hard to adapt to the challenges of Providence. 

The Squirrel Academy Mentorship Program is designed to help new recruits adjust to life in Providence and put them on the path to success.   

  • Goal

Develop new Squirrel recruits (Chipmunks) into self-sufficient, productive members of Provi-Bloc who consistently demonstrate their value in coalition fleets. 

  • Program Implementation

The Mentorship Program is designed to last 1-2 months. During this time,Chipmunks are welcome to send any questions to their mentors either through in-game mail or Slack. There are no dumb questions! 

Mentors may also wish to set up time with their Chipmunks to provide them with additional instruction and advice. For example, mentors may want to take the Chipmunk on a tour of Providence, spend some time at the 9UY Keepstar helping them set up doctrine fits, or showing them first-hand how to best clear a NPC combat site.  

  • Requesting Mentorship

The Mentorship Program is completely optional and available to all Chipmunks. Chipmunks interested in being paired with a mentor should contact the Mentorship Manager. Mentors will be assigned based on the Chipmunk’s time zone and interests, or a Chipmunk can request a specific mentor if preferred.  

  • Becoming a Mentor

Red Squirrels with at least six months in corp are eligible to serve as a mentor. Mentors must be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas to ensure they can provide proper instruction:

  1. Corp Policies/Procedures
    1. Rules of Engagement (NRDS)
    2. Skill Training Plans
    3. Buyback/Incentive Program
    4. Moon Mining
    5. Industry Team
    6. Others
  2. Coalition Fleets
    1. CTA/Strat Op Protocols 
    2. FC Commands
    3. Doctrine Ships/Roles
    4. Basic PVP Tactics
  3. ISK Opportunities 
    1. Ratting
    2. Mining
    3. Exploration
    4. Planetary Interaction 
    5. Industry

Any Red Squirrels or higher who are interested in becoming a mentor should contact the Mentorship Manager for consideration and placement on the active mentor list. 

  • Future Projects
  1. Develop Mentor List (Name/TZ/Areas of Expertise)
  2. Mentorship Curriculum (Checklist of topics to be covered during program) 
  3. Others?