Objectives for 2020

2019 was an excellent year of recovery following our eviction from Providence, and the substantial losses we took during the Pandemic Legion (PL) campaign of 2018. For those who weren’t around, Providence was subsequently liberated by TEST Alliance enabling our coalition to return to Providence for the fourth time, and rebuild our coalition of NRDS alliances and our unique nation. Our core membership grew by 20%, and we completed the year on top of the alliance kill-board. For 2020, the following objectives were set at the AGM.

Reinforce the membership by continual recruitment through eve recruitment forums and Reddit, while maintaining a membership cap of 100, routinely purging the membership of inactive pilots every month.

Establish an effective bomber command group, to disrupt hostile activities, e.g., gate-camps, primarily in, but not limited to Providence.

To train all pilots in the art of mining barge baiting.

To train all pilots in the art of effective gate camping.

To achieve and maintain first position on the monthly alliance kill-board.

To limit the deployment of hostile structures in systems within our custody by maintaining ADMs above level four.

To have all current members flying a combative capital ship by the end of the year, and new members within one year from joining.

To establish and maintain a standing fleet protocol.

To seek a reward system for logistics pilots.

To complete a review of corporation SOPs and website information, and to introduce a new SOP regarding industry team protocol.

To train and practice each pilot in Black Operations (BLOPS) at the corporation level.

To procure the corporations first Titan class capital ships.

To encourage our pilots into fleet command, with the introduction of a Fleet Commanders (FC) Reward System.

To complete an infrastructure review.

To complete the rollout of T2 weaponry at all athanors, and to train our pilots in their effective use.

To establish a pilot competency matrix for home defence ships, including entosis boats, cyno-sigils and hole-rollers.

To hold monthly corporation meetings on 2nd Sunday of each month (operations permitting).