Our Code of Conduct

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We at the Squirrel Academy appreciate that EvE Online is a game played by people of different age, gender, race and culture. Fully compliant with CCP’s EULA, we have a zero tolerance policy toward prejudice, bigotry or hatred in any form.

As members of the Squirrel Academy. we observe the following code of conduct at all times:

1. We do not engage in excessive and persistent smacktalk, flaming and trolling of any player, regardless of standing or KOS status, and we do not spam any player’s private mailbox with hatemail.

2. We do not encourage hostile players to remain in our home system by initiating dialogue, or feeding their trolls in local chat. We are considerate of our corpmates who work hard at keeping a low profile as part of their strategy for success.

3. We show respect and appreciation for those who organise events and run fleets at all levels, and when large fleets such asĀ  a CTA or StratOp , we adopt a policy of remaining quiet unless invited otherwise by the FC, until the fleet is stood down.

4. With our help, each member takes responsibility and endevours to maintain a reasonable kill/loss ratio, thus projecting a high corporate standard conjusive with the recruitment and retention effort, and maintaining the reputation of the corporation and its members.

5. We do not partake in price gouging. The current pricing policy of the Squirrel Academy as a corporate body is to sell anything which it produces without the need for inportation, at Jita sell price plus a surcharge of 10% maximum. If an item has been imported a surcharge of 20% maximum may be applied. Members of the Squirrel Academy are not obliged to follow this corporate policy, however, buying up stock to sell at a higher price is considered price gouging, unethical and strictly prohibited.