“Well what can i say about this Corp…I’ve come back after a 3-4 year break and this is the happiest i’ve been since i started playing eve from the start. Why?

I have tried so many corps over the years that have either died out or not fulfilled the boasts and promises that they advertise.

These guys have been awesome – There is PVP to be had if you want – Need help mining? No problems…Need help in general? This is the place. Seriously!! Great bunch of guys from US/EU time zones. Plenty of activity – Lots of knowledge and resources available.

I can’t sing the praises of the leaders and members of the corp high enough – Wish i had know about them years ago – probably would never have stopped playing…”




“EU & US time zones

Looking for varied skills…miners, ratters, industrialists…all should be willing to fight when there’s a threat

We will help w/ skill plans, fittings and pvp training if you’re new to that aspect of the game.

A warning to those who are thinking of joining us…once you join in, you are likely to become a pvp junkie.

Fly safe, fly daring!!”


Synthia Robotnik



“Looking for more angry miners….you too could gank the gankers”

Subelectro Shanzaar



“Everything above plus a great group of corp mates. I went from years of being a nice snuggly care bear to a deadly ruthless PVP monster! LOL…

For real though, great corp that I’ve learned a ton from and have made the game so, so much better. I’m five+ months in and looking forward to foreseeable future…”

Caedus Darth



“I’ve been with Virgin Plc for 5 months now and it’s been a blast! Everyone’s helpful and we’ve had a lot of fun.”

Dex Grif



“I washed ashore in the Virgin home system stranded and alone.

The corp dragged me in, gave me a cup of soup, strapped a helmet to my pod and pointed me in the direction of the bad guys.

Now I shoot stuff and shop at the MegaStore.”




“Looking for a decent corp with no drama settings in a great null sec region?
, or just a decent corp(if you are a High sec player, we have all been in HS)
, great pilots to fleet up with and either PvP, rat, mine or what ever? Or maybe just voice chat and have a couple off beers?(maybe you are the red wine type? That’s also fine btw.
, good guidance from veterans and players full of EVE knowledge?
, eager to try one of those big fleet fights?
, explore some of the best sites in game?
, set up a null sec PI network?
, Kill lot’s of reds trespassing?
, try some null sec trading or hauling?
, try something I didn’t think of?”



“We have a golden opportunity to offer you, which is IDEAL for experienced and returning players… apply today and join the team!”

Richard Branson



“What a great group of guys/gals, you would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of players. very helpful for a guy like me returning from a long layoff. first theses guys are pros, second they shared what they know happily. GET IN HERE!!! if you are looking for a winning Corp.”




“Friendly group of laid back guys that enjoy talking about beer & grilling as much as playing Eve. Check us out.”

ChristianBlood Blood



“I’ve been with Virgin for just over a month now, and joining this corp was definitely one of the best in game decisions I’ve made. All my corp mates are great and leadership is excellent, always involved and ready to help.”

Caedus Darth




If you fancy living in null sec there is no better place to be than Virgin Plc good group of people in all time zones and always happy to help”

Cleopatra Xen



“I can honestly, say that this was THE single best move that I made in Eve. Great group of people, always willing to help. If they don’t have the answer they know someone whom does. New or Bitter Vet great place to be! Come on and give us a look over.”

ChristianBlood Blood



“Great Corp! Lots online and in comms.”

Momoe Kawaguchi



“This is a great bunch of helpful players in a premier region of null!

Get in touch w/ us and see if you can be a Virgin….”

Synthia Robotnik



“Great bunch of folks that I am happy and proud to be a part of.”

Kazual Jayde



“Joined a week ago, The amount of experience that most of the corp members have is extremely helpful.
Providence is quiet mostly and its still fun when there’s hostiles nearby.”

Zulu Austinof



“Virgin Corp.

Very active!

Great group of guys!

The best corp i’ve ever joined!”

Rob stehlik



“Whatever you’re into – we got it. We got PvPers, PvEers, Miners, Industrialists and …. well I don’t even know what they are (momoe Blink), but we’re having fun doing it! Get your app in before it’s too late. Almost full.”

Alle Monte



Bump for a fantastic corp!




“28 guys on comms – great turnout, Great being with an active group”

Momoe Kawaguchi


“Joined a few days ago.
Great corp with lots of pew pew !!

Join now you wont regret it”

Scareface Haklar



“I can vouch for these guys. a good bunch of people. Good luck in 2017”

Vartan Sarkisian


“Been here for 3 months now, great corp in a great alliance in a great part of space. Just the right amount of different content to do.

Come pop your cherry with Virgins!”

Filthy Eagle Gengod


“Been in this corp just a few days now. Glad I joined. Great people and lots going on. Sign up today, you know it makes sense.”

Alle Monte




“Virgin Corp. is one of the best Corporation I’ve ever been in. Everyone is very helpful and quick to reply back.

You can play eve alone and joyless, or Play with Virgin PLC and have more fun then you know what to do with.

Apply today!”

Rob stehlik



“I really love it here. Always someone on comms to talk with, lots of help from the veterans as well,”

Momoe Kawaguchi



“hay all just wanted to say, for the new and pending recruit There a great bunch, laid back, help in any way they can . Don’t miss out on a great opportunity.”



“Help us defend the right of free passage and the only nullsec region committed to ‘Not Red – Don’t Shoot’ (NRDS) combat policy.
We ‘re looking for miners, ratters, industrials and PvP enthusiasts for our defensive operations in Providence.
Join us on the day the US gets a new president!”

Robert DeNiro



“Great Group!

Having a great time coming back into the game.”

Adric Gren



“Can’t tell you guys what a great group of guys these are

Come find out for yourself”

Damnated Angel



“Buffer, Buffer, Buffer…what is a capsuleer to do, stop defending our space because your graphics card died???

Just kidding. Bad luck on your part. I love the competition and I’m sure you will be on top of the board soon enough.

Truth be told, after a few good fleets and with about 2 hours left in September, I checked the killboard and we were tied for 1st place!! Well, I couldn’t leave it like that now could I…the reds obliged and there was plenty of content to push me over the top.

If you guys want some friendly competition and plenty of content then get in touch with us. We’re always looking for those interested in null-sec life.

This is a great place for miners, ratters, industrialists and especially pvp’ers.”

Subelectro Shanzaar



“With 8 hours to go, I am top of the monthly killboard, and set to receive a free T2 frigate of my choice for the first time in 6 months. Then my graphics card goes pop and I’m out of the game for a day… when I return I’ve been beaten to the prize by 6 kills!!


Its competitive, but always friendly and great fun…….. October will be mine!!

Come join us… today!!”




“Lots of good fights

Lots of good ores

Lots of good rats

What more could you ask for. Come to Providence and grow.”

Damnated Angel



“Chop chop guys…….get in while the gettins good

Great corp

Great Alliance

Great Coalition”

Damnated Angel

“I’ve been a member of Virgin for quite some time. Because I’m military, I have completely random schedules and often have to take long absences from playing. The whole Corps is very supportive and always offers help and support to any questions I have. There’s always something going on!”

Matt Krupski


Great group of guys……Happy to be a part of.

Damnated Angel



“If you havent joined these guys , then you are missing out !

As far as i can tell , they offer just about everything a new or experienced player should want or need from a corp.

Solo PVP
Advanced indy if you are looking for it.
Corp PVP
Alliance PVP
Citadel ownership
Provi Bloc PVP
Team players
Solo time

Top bunch of lads, a lot of whom i speak with or fly past regularly. I cant recommend this corp enough !


PS : I hear the CEO has boxes of Quafe in his office !”



“Did you know that there is an equation called The Drake equation and it is a probabilistic argument used to arrive at an estimate of the number of active, communicative extra-terrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy; of which they estimate 50,000 civilizations fit that criteria.

I cannot promise you Drakes but we can offer you an active, communicative, terrestrial corporation that is laid back and allows you to do what you wish to do in game. It’s a good community where you can PVP or PVE to your hearts content. We welcome US and EU TZ people and are particularly looking to build up our EU players…

Virgin PLC…is a null-sec corp in Providence/North Catch Visit the website at http://www.virgincouncil.com and check out the recruitment thread.”

Vartan Sarkisian



“What are you waiting for? If you knew how far we have come in such a short time we would even bee having this conversation. We are actually DOMINATING our system. Mining, mfr, PvP, PI … you name it we are doing it. We are even supplying the Provi Alliance … What are you waiting for?”



“I am new to the game and was fortunate enough to find these guys and gals in my search for a corp.

I feel right at home and appreciate them being patient and generous with their time.

I feel like a Virgin touched for the very first time :)”

Filthy Eagle Gengod


These gents (& ladies!) are real quality folk. I’m honored to call many of them both friends and allies!

David Suukuvesti


“Need help collecting corpses…too many to carry!!!

Call me…



Subelectro Shanzaar



You are here. You have read. You should make contact.

Do it. Do it.

Just do it.”

Brothar Rey


“Just spent 30 days as a member, looking forward to more. The corp members are friendly, they use voice, and they keep putting up with all my dumb returning-nub questions.

Our space has rocks. Our space has rats. Our space doesn’t have exploration sites – too many damn explorers (j/k). We have a growing market. We have something for everyone.

What we need is you! More is better.”

Brothar Rey


“Terrific esprit de corps w/ this group! Great for those who want to be a part of a team and not a solo in a group of solos.

Fly safe and kill some reds!!!”

Whiteout Voracis



Been in the Corp a little over a month and its been a good experience all around.

One of the best Corps I have had the pleasure of being apart of.”

Vetic Gren


“This is a GREAT group! Very active, friendly and helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in corp so far. We have something for just about anyone no matter what your interest may be. PvP, PvE, Industry you name it. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, active group of great people to fly with, you owe it to yourself to come check out the Virgins”



“11 years of Eve and I’m having more FPH (Fun per Hour) than ever with VIRG. Everyone I’ve met and interacted with thus far within the Corp and the greater alliance are truly awesome peeps.

The opportunities for progression, profit, and pvp are as abundant as they are enjoyable.

So, if you’re looking for a new home away from “home” look no further!!

Here’s to hoping I see you around!”
Cheers Big smile



“What a great group of guys/gals, you would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of players. very helpful for a guy like me returning from a long layoff. first theses guys are pros, second they shared what they know happily. GET IN HERE!!! if you are looking for a winning Corp.

Yes I really mean it 🙂 my name is Dopearmy and I approve this message……..”



“A top notch and very active group living in Providence/Catch. It’s nice to have a core group of people who are always ready to help in chat or on comms.

Regular group ops and fleets are happening regularly…Great null-sec content…Provibloc is always up for a good fight!!

Look these guys up if you want to live in one of the most active null-sec areas in Eve.”

Whiteout Voracis


“so your looking for a null sec corp then why not give Virgin plc a look. We have everything you need mining, industry, expo and loads of PVP in Proviblock. All you need to do now is apply to join”

BloodZen Xen


“I endorse this thread !

What can i say about Virgin PLC ?

Some of the most friendly, helpful, fun and professional players around.

The corp seems to cater for all skill levels and all types of gameplay. Active membership that is always willing to help, join in or just chat.
I see these guys regularly and am always impressed with how much they do and how much fun they seem to have doing it – from indy to pve and pvp.

Speaking with them, there are active procedures in place for new members to integrate regardless of skill level.

Join these guys and improve your game experience ! – you wont regret it !”



“These guys are some super groovy dudes! Nothing better than throwing back a six-pack of Quafe Zero and flying w/ my Virgin soul brothers!!

I hear they have a real badass chick watching over them, Mother Superior something or other? Mysterious and mean is the word on the street.

And watch out for that Subelectro, he’s got a real twitchy trigger finger and a temper!

Take care and join the Virgins!!”

Whiteout Voracis


“The game is fun …. You can do alot … but once I joined Virgins it all kinda came together. I am a returning pilot after a few years off… so I was a little rusty on trying to find a direction and what was best. Just flying around High Sec and boom … an announcement asking for recruits for this small corp … Amazing how luck will find you when you need it … I joined and have not looked back. Its weird to have good friends half way around the world. My wife thinks the accents are “cute”.. Get on Teamspeak … and join the Virgins ..”

Fly safe, Fly Virgin

ninetynine bottles


“I can honestly, say that this was THE single best move that I made in Eve. Great group of people, always willing to help. If they don’t have the answer they know someone whom does. New or Bitter Vet great place to be! Come on and give us a look over.


ChristianBlood Blood


“Are you looking for and easy going corp who are happy to help out with anything.
Want to live in Null Sec (Provi Block).
Want loads of PVP every night in BIG or small fleets.
Want to mine High end ore and nice PI
Then why not give Virgin Plc a look we have all this and more.”

BloodZen Xen


“One of the best corps out there. It has grown from a simple mining corp to a PvP .. PI … Manufacturing and we are now building a Large Citadel … come to Provi and live in the land of milk and honey !!!”



“If you are looking for a friendly, laid back, yet ambitious Corp to fly with, this is it. I have been a Virgin for close to two months and my experience has been great. The people are welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Some of the things that have defined my experience:
– They asked me what I liked to d and then helped me fit my ships.
– Trying new things is always supported with knowledge and services.
– The services are great (Jump Frieghter, Ore Buyback,…)
– Impromptu small gangs.
– Many differentCoalition fleets on a regular basis.

Probably the best thing is the laid back atmosphere and banter in TS.

I went looking for the specific things that were advetised in this post and I can say that it is as advertised.”



“I’ve not got much to say except that I’m having a great time in Virgin PLC.”

sstabeler Echerie


“Do you want learn the game? Providence awaits you.”

Baybars Kulebi



This corp has had an extraordinary development and are still growing both in numbers and as a group. Great individuals working towards common goals and personal in-game development, making EVE the best game ever.

Join the Virgins”

Swante Toki


“Time for another bump!

If you’re looking for a great place to be. Null sec is the real sec.
Tierd of High sec or low sec.
Looking for more content or bigger challenges.

You can even be flying in this part of null without being in a local alliance or corp. We have NRDS policy. So you’re safe if your not red :)”



“Great group, supportive and pplayer devolpment orientated.

Senseless banter not discouraged.”

Gunther Hansen


“Great guys, no management nonsense.
Everyone is here to play and help, plus our location offers plenty of content.

If you’re a starting player or seasoned veteran looking for some great guys to team up with join now!
We’ve got daily fleets available, either through the Corp or Alliance.

Hope to see you soon!”



“I’ve been having a blast so I highly recommend joining these guys ;3”

Lucifer Morningstar SoulTrader



Been in this corp for 9 month. Really great people to fly with and voice-chat with.
This is a corp growing steady. Both in strenght and greatness.

Helpfull, new player friendly and lots of old timers to learn from.

This part of null sec is great.



“Don’t miss out…this is a great corp that is creating/participating in a lot of crazy, fun content…

– all flavors of pvp fleets (https://zkillboard.com/character/95967266/). Virgin PLC has prepared me for great pvp success!
– pve fleets
– mining ops
– training on null-sec, pvp, black ops, etc.
– soon to have our own Citadel!!

Did I mention that you shouldn’t miss this one?!

Providence…there’s always something happening!!!”

Subelectro Shanzaar


“What to say about the virgins have been in 5 months best thing I ever done in eve. Have made good friends in the short time I have been in and I was a bit of a noob when I joined and they showed me the ropes and always happy to hep so get in \O/”

BloodZen Xen


“First corporation in null, 10 days, already a Jr. FC, settled in with no problems.
10/10 would join!

Top 1 corp with kills in alliance!
Why wait, join us now!”

Shinzo Shikimira Shinzo


“Very nice corp. I don’t regret joining them.
Nice Place a NULsec.
Members are nice and very helpfull!

If u looking for PvP action or just plain PvE it’s the right place!”

Bloody Kitty


“For a new Corp this thing is moving up at a blistering pace. I love being in this corp … my only concern is “where do we go from here”???? with so many members helping each other out it just goes to show you how far and how fast you can get to where you want to go …. and even if you don’t know where you want to go … there’s help there also … it would be impossible to say everything …. other than this corp has to be experienced. As an old player coming back to the game its been a real treat… don’t be an idiot —– JOIN VIRGINS … seriously , you always wanted to be a virgin again… without the hangups of course.”

fly safe, fly Virgin

ninetynine bottles



For new (and seasoned) players, this is a really great place…supportive and encouraging people.

I chose wisely…and so should you!”

Subelectro Shanzaar


“Amazing Corporation.

Joining Virgin is by far the best thing I could have done in my short EvE career.

The guys and gals here are super friendly and incredibly helpful. Being invited to join in all the group activities (PvE, PvP, Mining etc) even as two day old player really helped me overcome the massive initial learning curve EvE throws at you.

10/10 and definitely recommended!”

Hans Volker


“This corp has been very welcoming and friendly. Come join us so you too can play with a great group of people”

Alice Hekate


“Great group of folks and easy to get along with. L4 Mission running fleets, group PvP roaming, and scheduled/impromptu mining operations where you can relax and shoot the breeze some awesome people.

Been having a blast with everyone and learning lots in order to improve and progress my character.

Highly recommend!”

Reyn Aideron



Virgin Plc is a great place to be if you’re a new or returning player. Been with these folks for about two months now and have had lots of laughs, fun and isk too!”

Halo Ikezawa


“hey. This has been a very helpful corp that I am glad I joined.”

Solentus Tekitsu


“Joining these guys was the best thing I did in the game, great bunch of people and a great atmosphere for returning players :)”

Grey Crown


I love this corp…… always people online. Always something going on. It does not matter what you like to do in eve we have a group for you, PVP, PVE, Mining, Production and WH. Always growing and trying new things.

The best group in eve hands down. Proud to be a part of it.
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Jagang The-Just


“Been having alot of fun flying with these guys. theres always something going on wether you mine, pvp, or pve.”

Contorqueo Proeliator


I’m glad I found these guys and gals.

Fly safe!”

Swante Toki


“I highly recommend anyone join this Corp, there’s teamwork, mentoring, encouragement; most of all a whole lot of fun!

Fantastic group!”

Ken Audeles


“After coming back to EVE after several year break, I was very fortunate to be picked up by the Virgins. I absolutely loved my old Corp, but alas they have moved on it seems. But I cannot believe my luck in this Corp. The leadership is amazing and I cannot believe my luck. Everyone is helping everyone and things are always going on. This is an absolutely amazing corp …. If you happen to be accepted – consider yourself lucky.”

ninetynine bottles


“We’re still awesome, and we’re still recruiting!

…but seriously, if you’re new and looking for a place to call home, you’ve found it.”

Fornax Cadelanne


Really great corp!
I’m in the Virgin PLC. It’s a great place to be :)”



“Had been playing since about mid-March this year and got on well but there is just so much to learn. So I decided to lookout for a corporation that would allow me to learn and grow. Being the first time, I didn’t know how it would go. Virgin Plc. though had people on there that promote helping people out – both learning, fleeting, and so on – new or wandering, old and still wanting to learn more (since it is a feeder corp into The Council).

Some context: I’d been big into mining and wanted to get into research (and perhaps eventually some industrial work) but where, what and how were some of the questions I was yet to discover. So ran into the Virgin Plc crew … now I’ve managed to invent T2 BPC’s from T1 BPCs and now even gotten into inventing T3 BPC’s from Ancient Relics. Sure there’s tons to learn but joining a corp helps bringing you to that next level. And if you’re looking for a place where people are always willing to help you out … Virgin Plc is that place. Sure there are others out there but I know this crew so I can vouch for them (and I guess myself now since I’ve stuck around to grow the corp).

So if you want to meet a good crew (and meet me Shocked), put your app in and hope to help anyone on research aspirations they may have (and then some).

See you out there,

Ismadur Stefansson


“Took me in, taught me the ropes and helped me get on my feet. There is nothing more prized than friendship and the open arms with which this corporation accepted me. Hopefully that’s what EvE is all about.
As I express my gratitude, I will not just utter words of appreciation, but live by their side as my EVE brothers and sisters. Thank you for having me and cheers to you all!”

Dorian Steel



Glad i found this bunch. They are good eggs. Great starter corp or if you are someone who is interested in lending your experience. Looking forward to growing with [VIRG].”

Kraz Crendraven


“I’m gonna add a bump, too!

I’ve got a developing fleet-op character in the feeder, Virgin Plc., and one industrial character recently transferred into the Council in Providence. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with all the corp. mates I’ve met in both high-sec and null-sec.

The feeder corp. is a total blast, because the pilots in it are encouraging, humorous, and absolutely willing to bend over backwards to create a fulfilling experience for both new and experienced flyers. Teamwork is the name of the game, and the leadership [CEO Richard Branson and his officers] are top-notch, first-in-class folk.

In my time in Virgin Plc. pilots saw promotion to officer roles, organized roams in response to multiple war declarations, expanded offices, and took on new responsibilities in vital corp. roles. Pilots who felt ready were also encouraged to move into Providence to join the huge network of the CVA.

The Council [C6] is truly a great feat of null-sec operation. The accessible intel channel can have over 500 eyes and ears at any given time, and the jump bridge network makes traveling in Providence a real treat. Fleets operate all the time, and stations are stocked with mods, hulls, and charges/ammunition.

If you wanna join a corporation with a solid base, a great corps of pilots, and endless future possibilities for both new and returning players, you’re in the right place.


Omjun Hekard


“bump from me, i’m currently in the feeder corp for the council namely virgin plc. heres a few things that are pretty great so far

– theres a good bunch of guys and girls on at all hours to talk nonsense and really put some life into the game

– they put up with all my noobish questions with good humor and great advice.

-everryone is willing to help point you in the right direction whereever you wish to go

everyone has been great and has made my first few months online enjoyable, i’d reccomend this corp to anyone :)”

baxter Deninard


“Spent a month in their “Staging” corp to get some basic training, guidance and learn changes in EVE and have successfully moved to The Council as of last night. Loving the bunch, the alliance and the ISKies ^_^”

Galara Hakari


Happy that I found this corporation. Friendly people all around, some new to the game and some veteran. This corp gave me an amazing entrance to null sec, with lots of fun stuff to do due to the amount of skilled players in the corp and alliance! This corp can help people get into the null sec life, or even cater to people who already knows what it’s about, but just wants a group of skilled and fun people to play with. Good times!

Akri Momaki


“Smenkhare, contact Robert DeNiro in game or via eve-mail. He will be able to answer your questions directly and is happy to do so. I joined these guys about a month ago. Great corp. All players are friendly, helpful and ambitious. I’m personally settling into an industrial role, but for you pew pew oriented players there is always plenty of action to be had. I’m really glad to have joined them and recommend you check them out as well.”

Bia Bri


“This corp deserves a bump. To clarify, I’m in their n00b corp: Virgin Plc.
Probably because i’m biased but here’s some reasons why you ought to consider this:

For my first corp, I’ve had a ton of fun being a noob.
  • CEO is treated like dear old dad. He also acts like dear old dad. It’s always nice to have those types in charge.
  • It’d be nice to have a few more US folks with me to shoot the poop on chat at all hours of eve mornings.
  • We’re all adults here with no expectations whatsoever of you do to anything but actually log on once in awhile. Also, language.
  • Provided you’re cool, everyone’s nice. And ridiculously helpful. It’s actually surprising how helpful everyone is.
  • Our word of the day is “Cloak”.

If you need a place to put some roots down with very chill, helpful folks who want to ensure you have fun in Eve, this is the place.”

Erani Daern

“Thought I’d chime in again and say that; After playing the game for 2 weeks, and being in the corp for roughly the same amount of time, I can’t imagine that I would have found a better place to be than where I am.  Seen a mix of new, old and returning players join recently and everyone has been helpful & friendly. Definitely makes a massive change from other MMO’s where “new” players are treated like dirt. Thanks all for making it such an enjoyable experience.”

Pandarus Vyvorant

“I’ve just returned to Eve from over a year’s break , its because of the people in this Corp. that I’m hooked on Eve…… grt bunch of guys with many years experience all too happy to help! That being said there is one person who does NOT like this Corp. and that’s my wife…….if there’s things I need to do around the house and she cant’t find me, it’s cus this is where I’m at………my home from home!”

Khad Rogo
“Just started and want a corp which has a great bunch of people and willing to help then look no further.”
Noggard Tsu-sing
“If you’re new and looking for a hand, good bunch of people here!”
Don H Piano
“A nice bunch of guys. Took me in after my EVE haitus and are happy to support me during my EVE recovery.”
Galara Hakari
“Really friendly and helpful people, thanks guys!”
Dante Bloodwader
“Bump for old friends, great bunch of lads.”
Prophet Avater